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The Harvest cover
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Adam Page, James Brown, John Psathas
The Harvest
[ Rattle Jazz / CD - released 16/Nov/2012 ]
The Harvest is comprised of two suites, two continuous 30-minute compositions broken into 8 and 9 parts respectively. The Harvest Suite (composed by Adam Page and John Psathas) features Adam on solo tenor saxophone played through various looping...
Toitu Te Puoro cover
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Al Fraser
Toitu Te Puoro
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 14/Nov/2018 ]
Toitu Te Puoro is an original recorded work from Aotearoa/New Zealand, which was conceived, written, composed, produced, and performed by Al Fraser using ngā taonga puoro (musical instruments of the New Zealand Māori) and voice. All performances...
Ponguru cover
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Al Fraser & Phil Boniface
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 23/Mar/2018 ]
Phil and Al began performing together in 1998 while studying jazz performance at Massey University Conservatorium of Music, now the New Zealand School of Music. Al's journey with ngā taonga pūoro began in 1999 and he is now one of the leading...
Panthalassa cover
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Al Fraser, Sam Leamy, Neil Johnstone
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 6/Sep/2019 ]
Panthalassa was the super ocean that surrounded the super continent Pangaea during the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic era. Panthalassa, the album, is an abstract and impressionist work in which conceptual ideas are explored through the luminous ngā taonga...
Shearwater Drift cover
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Al Fraser, Steve Burridge, Neil Johnstone
Shearwater Drift
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 15/Jun/2018 ]
Seemingly familiar but tantalisingly mysterious, these beautifully composed sonic landscapes offer a unique experience of the world through sound - the known and the unknown. Shearwater Drift is a vast sonic collage that explores real and imagined...
Machaut Man and A Superman Hat cover
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Machaut Man and A Superman Hat
Alex Sipiagin / Donny McCaslin / Dave Kikoski / Boris Kozlov / Donald Edwards
[ Rattle Jazz / CD - released 6/Mar/2015 ]
Recorded with some of New York's greatest jazz musicians, Dave Lisik's Machaut Man and a Superman Hat is contemporary jazz at its most assured. This masterful album is exceptional on every level, a strong, fully focused statement from one of Rattle's...
The Cut cover
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Alexis French
The Cut
[ Rattle Jazz / CD - released 13/Jun/2014 ]
Trumpeter Alexis French celebrates his debut with the stellar album THE CUT. Recorded at McGill University's MMR and Studio A in Montreal, Canada, the album features rising stars of the Montreal jazz scene, David Bellemare (tenor sax), Nicolas Ferron...
11 Frames cover
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11 Frames
Andrew Beer (violin), Sarah Watkins (piano)
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 25/Oct/2019 ]
Contemporary works for violin and piano by New Zealand composers.
Eat Your Greens cover
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Anita Schwabe
Eat Your Greens
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 8/Jun/2018 ]
"Making music with Anita Schwabe is always a special occasion for me and has been from the beginning when as a 17 year old student at the Wellington Polytechnic Jazz Course she demonstrated a formidable talent as a pianist and very skilled composer....
Good Winter cover
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Good Winter
[ Rattle Jazz / CD - released 7/Sep/2018 ]
Antipodes is a collective of New Zealand, Australian, and European jazz musicians co-led by pianist Luke Sweeting and saxophonist Jake Baxendale. Their compositions are drawn from diverse influences - modern New York jazz meets Swedish indie pop and...
Who's Most Lost cover
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Who's Most Lost
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 5/Dec/2011 ]
Arcades have created their own moving and quietly unsettling sonic world. Trained as composers and having played in bands, David and Dugal are inquisitive, sonically omnivorous musical artists...
Nau Mai E Kā Hua cover
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Ariana Tikao & Al Fraser
Nau Mai E Kā Hua
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 27/Nov/2020 ]
An evocative sonic journey through the pristine waters of Te Wai Pounamu, Nau Mai e Kā Hua, is the first duo album by Ariana Tikao and Al Fraser, two leading players of ngā taonga puoro. The album features improvisations and spoken word, with waiata...
Beethoven: The Violin Sonatas cover
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Beethoven: The Violin Sonatas
Bella Hristova (violin), Michael Houstoun (piano)
[ Rattle Records / 4 CD - released 26/Apr/2019 ]
The complete Beethoven violin sonatas, 33 wonderful pieces of music, performed by two of the greatest Beethoven interpreters working today. Over 4 hours of beautifully produced, expertly performed Beethoven in a handsome 4-CD hard-cover...
Peripheral Hearing cover
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Brad Dutz Quartet
Peripheral Hearing
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 10/Jan/2014 ]
The Brad Dutz Quartet first performed at a New Music Festival at the REDCAT in 2005. The original impetus was to form an acoustic, jazz-tinged chamber ensemble capable of producing a wide range of textures and colours. Given the unusual combination...
Tones cover
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Gillian Ansell (viola), Ashley Brown (cello), Rolf Gjelsten (cello), Amalia Hall (violin), Monique Lapins (violin), Luca Manghi (flute)
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 31/May/2019 ]
These works span 10 years of compositional output, and explore wide expressive terrain: from epic to compact, aggressive to introspective, earthy to mechanical. Their elastic rhythm, harmonic fluidity, and formal spontaneity make for dynamic - and...
Diálogos cover
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Chris Mason-Battley Group
[ Rattle Jazz / CD - released 9/Oct/2015 ]
Interpretations of the music of John Psathas. "Diálogos is a revelation. I don't know what the language is that properly describes what the guys are doing, but they're somehow creating new works. This isn't 'arranging' or 'adapting' - I feel it's...
Ritchie: Symphony No. 5 'Childhood' cover
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Ritchie: Symphony No. 5 'Childhood'
Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Young
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 23/Apr/2021 ]
Performed by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in the newly restored Christchurch Town Hall under the very sure baton of conductor and album producer, Kenneth Young, Symphony No. 5 "Childhood" is an optimistic work that uses childhood as a metaphor...
Sailing Ships & Tarot Cards cover
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Christopher de Groot
Sailing Ships & Tarot Cards
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 12/May/2017 ]
An acid-soaked moonlit cruise through a landscape of 60s exotica, Delia Derbyshire inspired sci-fi soundscapes, classic Bernard Herrmann, a pinch of John Zorn, and a twist of David Lynch. Welcome to the wonderful world of Melbourne-based composer,...
Fate and the Processor cover
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Colin Hemmingsen & Dave Lisik
Fate and the Processor
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 1/Apr/2011 ]
Fate and the Processor is an epic electroacoustic musical journey performed by New Zealand School of Music jazz instructor and multi-woodwind instrumentalist, Colin Hemmingsen. The movements, composed by NZSM jazz composition professor, Dave Lisik,...
Donated by Cantor Fitzgerald - A Threnody cover
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Dave Lisik
Donated by Cantor Fitzgerald - A Threnody
[ Rattle Records / CD - released 1/Sep/2011 ]
Donated by Cantor Fitzgerald: a threnody is a single movement, 60-minute work for a small, mixed chamber ensemble of improvising musicians and electronics. Originally conceived in 2001 as a work for mixed chamber orchestra, and eventually evolving in...