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Temple of the Dog cover
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Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog
[ Polydor Records / CD - released 21/May/1991 ]
Featuring members of Soundgarden and what would soon become Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog's lone eponymous album might never have reached a wide audience if not for Pearl Jam's breakout success a year later. In turn, by providing the first glimpse of...
No Code cover
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Pearl Jam
No Code
[ Epic Records / CD - released 15/Aug/1996 ]
The fourth album by Seattle's golden boys gets its title from the fact that it doesn't have a barcode. What it does have is 13 new songs that continue their tradition of fine hard rock for the nineties. The best songs, however, are the acoustic...
Louder Than Love cover
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Louder Than Love
[ A&M Records / CD - released 24/Aug/1989 ]
Being Soundgarden's sophomore studio effort, 'Louder Than Love' was one of the original "grunge" albums - every track is a killer!!!