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Tempest cover
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Bob Dylan
[ Columbia Records / CD - released 7/Sep/2012 ]
Featuring ten new and original songs, 'Tempest' is the 35th studio set from Bob Dylan and follows 2009's 'Together Through Life'.
The Best of Roxy Music cover
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Roxy Music
The Best of Roxy Music
[ Virgin Records CD / CD - released 25/Jun/2001 ]
Roxy Music re-formed in 2001 after 18 years apart! This great collection features their finest 18 tracks, all digitally re-mastered.
The Duke (Tribute to Duke Ellington) cover
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2-6 weeks
Joe Jackson
The Duke (Tribute to Duke Ellington)
[ Ear Music / Shock Records / CD - released 13/Jul/2012 ]
A tribute album, Joe Jackson's 'The Duke' features the critically acclaimed singer / songwriter interpreting classic pieces by legendary jazz pianist / bandleader Duke Ellington in Jackson's own unique way.
Dylan Different cover
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2-6 weeks
Ben Sidran
Dylan Different
[ Bonsai Music / CD - released 22/Mar/2010 ]
Sidran adds his musical style, a lifetime of reflection and something of a haunting, mysterious, otherworldly quality to 12 of Dylan's most memorable songs.
Mescalito cover
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2-6 weeks
Ryan Bingham
[ Lost Highway Records / CD - released 18/Feb/2008 ]
The 'Mescalito' album from Texas singer / songwriter Ryan Bingham, offers a traditional sound that is also fresh and original. His remarkably poignant songs resonate with roadhouse wisdom and rough-and-ready border-town piquancy.