The Early Years 1964-1965

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The Early Years 1964-1965

[ Light in the Attic / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 18 May 2009

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'The Early Years' captures the Monks in nascent form, tackling many of the songs that would later appear on their 1966 masterpiece, 'Black Monk Time'.

'Black Monk Time' (from 1966) represents one of the most distinctive slabs of garage rock ever created. Emanating from the partially shaved skulls of five American G.I.s stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War, the album seethes with the simultaneous anxiety & absurdity of its era...

'The Early Years' captures the band in nascent form tackling many of the songs that would appear on said '66 masterpiece. Demo versions of "Monk Time"; "Boys are Boys"; and "I Hate You" show a band not quite at its revelatory peak (the sound feels generally thinner than what was to come), but certainly working more outside the box than even the most oddball pop bands of the mid 1960s.

That this set contains cuts from the Torquays, the band's pre-tonsure incarnation, makes it a keeper for not only Monks fans but '60s garage enthusiasts as well.


1. Monk Time
2. We do Wie Du
3. Boys are Boys
4. Pretty Suzanne
5. Higgle-dy Piggle-dy
6. Hushie Pushie
7. Love Came Tumblin' Down
8. Oh, How to do Now
9. Space Age
10. I Hate You
11. Boys are Boys
12. There She Walks