For the Record - The Pixie Williams Collection

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Pixie Williams
For the Record - The Pixie Williams Collection

[ Blue Smoke Records New Zealand / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 11 July 2011

A stunning new digitally re-mastered collection of Pixie Williams' songs. Recorded 60+ years ago, these songs have never sounded so good.

In 1949, Pixie Williams gave voice to one of the most enduring popular melodies of the 20th century: Blue Smoke. This song was just the beginning and Pixie went on to record a further 12 songs, mixing universal themes and international musical styles with an unmistakable flavour of Aotearoa New Zealand.

This unique collection of digitally remastered original recordings is the first time the entire collection of Pixie Williams recordings have been brought together for a new generation to enjoy.


1. Ain't it a Shame
2. Saddle Hill
3. Bell Bird Serenade
4. Senorita
5. It's Just Because
6. Let's Talk it Over
7. Sailing Along on a Moonbeam
8. Maori Rhythm
9. Best Wishes
10. Sweetheart in Calico
11. Windy City
12. Maori Land
13. Blue Smoke
14. Pixie: In Her Own Words

Blue Smoke by Pixie Williams via Youtube