Transcendental - Daniil Trifonov Plays Franz Liszt [complete Etudes]

Transcendental - Daniil Trifonov Plays Franz Liszt [complete Etudes] cover
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Transcendental - Daniil Trifonov Plays Franz Liszt [complete Etudes]
Daniil Trifonov (piano)

[ Deutsche Grammophon / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 29 November 2016

Daniil Trifonov press reviews are consistently out of this world and The Times quote says it all: He is the finest young pianist of our age.

After his successful "Rachmaninov Variations" last year, he has now created another statement to define his extraordinary and growing legacy. It is dedicated to the greatest pianist of his own century: Franz Liszt.

The repertoire is Liszt's Complete Concert Etudes. These Etudes remain amongst the most challenging piano pieces ever composed - and are rarely recorded or performed. This is the first time that the Complete Liszt Etudes have been recorded as a whole for DG. And Daniil Trifonov is one of the few pianists to have recorded them all in one go - in an unbelievable five days.


"Trifonov is already an exceptionally thoughtful interpreter, with musicianship that more than matches his technical gifts...while there is never any doubting the brilliance of Trifonov's playing, that is only the starting point; the delicacy and transparency of his performances are often more striking than their moments of rampaging virtuosity." The Guardian, 21st September 2016 *****

"These two enthralling discs show exactly why the 25-year-old Russian Klaviertiger is the current darling of the piano world...Trifonov leaves one open-mouthed at the Mendelssohnian wit and dexterity of Gnomenreigen, and at the sheer playfulness of Liszt's homages to Paganini. A young player, yes, but already a master." Sunday Times, 2nd October 2016

"Trifonov's set possesses a wonderful lightness of being. Lyrical works like "Il lamento," one of Liszt's most beautiful "Concert Études," are characterized by understated simplicity and tender feeling...And his "Transcendental Études" are a wonder of seeming spontaneity and breathtaking ease." Wall Street Journal, 3rd October 2016

"Trifonov's is the best kind of virtuoso playing, where one is hardly aware of the notes being played, allowing one to simply bask in the genius of Liszt's musical narrative and the transcendant execution of an awesomely gifted pianist." Gramophone award nomination 2017 - Instrumental

"Trifonov's approach is to search out through rounded and constantly beautiful piano tone the music's pre-Debussyian side - a legitimate take on Liszt's radical streak, keeping any risk of meretricious display at arm's length and bringing rich rewards in the atmospheric mood-pieces" BBC Music Magazine, November 2016 ****


1. No.1 Prélude (Presto)
2. No.2 Molto vivace
3. No.3 Paysage (Poco adagio)
4. No.4 Mazeppa (Presto)
5. No.5 Feux follets (Allegretto)
6. No.6 Vision (Lento)
7. No.7 Eroica (Allegro)
8. No.8 Wilde Jagd (Presto furioso)
9. No.9 Ricordanza (Andantino)
10. No.10 Allegro agitato molto
11. No.11 Harmonies du soir (Andantino)
12. No.12 Chasse neige (Andante con moto)
13. No.1 Waldesrauschen
14. No.2 Gnomenreigen
15. No.1 In A Flat "Il lamento" (A capriccio - Allegro cantabile)
16. No.2 In F Minor "La leggierezza" (A capriccio - Quasi allegretto)
17. No.3 In D Flat "Un sospiro" (Allegro affettuoso)
18. No.1 In G Minor
19. No.2 In E Flat Major
20. No.3 In G Sharp Minor ("La Campanella")
21. No.4 In E Major
22. No.5 In E Major
23. No.6 In A Minor