Bach: The Six Partitas

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Bach: The Six Partitas
Angela Hewitt

[ Hyperion / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 29 November 2019

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'Brilliant, well-sounding, expressive and always new' was the verdict of Bach's first biographer on the six Partitas, a description which applies equally to Angela Hewitt's wonderful new recording of what Bach designated his 'Opus 1'. Angela describes a lifetime of living with Bach's music as 'a great gift and a lifelong adventure'; an adventure in which we are fortunate to have such an authoritative companion and guide.

"To hear this wonderful music played by Hewitt with such a remarkable sense of style and poise on a concert grand is a special treat for listeners of all persuasions…Hewitt sounds completely immersed in the music's expressive soundworld, as well as its peerless structural logic…Yet, what impresses most is Hewitt's sheer joy and sense of wonder in Bach's creative genius." BBC Music Five Stars Recording of the Month Feb 2020

"While Hewitt's stylish integrity, superb finger independence and deep feeling for the music's roots in dance remains a constant, there's now a greater level of interplay between hands, with added variety of articulation and rhythmic flexibility...One also perceives more expressive gestures by way of dynamic hairpins, caesuras, breath pauses and myriad accentuations that will strike listeners as either spontaneous or self-aware, depending on personal taste" Gramophone

"The Sarabande of No 1 seeks the eternal while No 2 has a different profundity, housed in C minor. The Sixth is the summit of both Bach's Partitas and Hewitt's readings, Bach soliloquising (perhaps, as Hewitt suggests, in conversation with his god). Hewitt's Fazioli is perfectly calibrated. All the core traits of Hewitt's Bach are here: clarity, focus, devotion" International Piano


Bach, J S: Partita No. 1 in B flat major, BWV825
Bach, J S: Partita No. 2 in C minor, BWV826
Bach, J S: Partita No. 4 in D major, BWV828

Bach, J S: Partita No. 3 in A minor, BWV827
Bach, J S: Partita No. 5 in G major, BWV829
Bach, J S: Partita No. 6 in E minor, BWV830