So Frenchy So Chic 2017

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Various Artists
So Frenchy So Chic 2017

[ Cartell Music / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 24 February 2017

There's something for everyone in the new So Frenchy So Chic compilation. More than ever, this eclectic episode represents the colourful diversity of the current French scene and its myriad of sounds.

Let's start this overview with Julien Barbagallo, a native of Toulouse who is Tame Impala's drummer, and a busy guy who also plays with Aquaserge or Pond. Another brilliant surprise of the 2017's cuvée, is without contest, Clea Vincent. With her cool electronic minimalist tunes and easy going lyrics, you won't need to understand the language to appreciate this track. The one and only Dominique A delivers the song 'Cap Farvel' a beautiful, delicate track of unreal sensitivity. This raw artist is a hallmark of modern French culture. (incidentally Dominique A is the favorite singer of President François Hollande).

No SFSC is complete without Nouvelle Vague! This year the brilliant French cover band deliver 'Love Comes In Spurts', a bossa nova rendition of a Richard Hell & The Voidoids punk rock classic. And for the ones who still want more, we definitely recommend the two last tracks at the end of each side by M83. Currently based in L.A., this project lead by Anthony Gonzales develops the cosmic sounds of the 70's and 80's with a Supertramp vibe and a Justice approach.

No better way to enjoy the summer and get lost in the joie de vivre of So Frenchy So Chic.


1. Lescop - David Palmer
2. Laure Briard - Sur la piste de danse
3. Barbagallo - Nouveau sidobre
4. Cléa Vincent - Jmy attendais pas
5. Guillaume Stankiewicz - Sans cesse et sans bruit
6. Tim Dup - TER centre
7. Lafayette - Eros automatique
8. Part-Time Friends - Art counter
9. Nouvelle Vague - Love Comes In Spurts
10. Dominique A - Cap Farvel
11. Cliché - Tout ouïe
12. The Limiñanas - Down underground
13. M83 - Atlantique sud (feat. Mai Lan)

1. Bertrand Belin - Le mot juste
2. Polo & Pan - Canopée
3. Joe Bel - Salut les amoureux
4. Deluxe - Baby that's you (feat.M)
5. Ladylike Lily - Bain de minuit
6. Anastasia - C'était pas simple
7. Severin - Margarita (feat. Clea Vincent)
8. Grèn Sémé - Papiyon
9. Baloji - Spoiler
10. Françoiz Breut - Loon-plage
11. Mickey 3d - Rallonge tes rêves
12. Melanie Pain - Comme une balle
13. M83 - Do it, Try it