Mussorgsky / Castro-Robinson - Pictures

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Mussorgsky / Castro-Robinson - Pictures
Henry Wong Doe (piano)

[ Rattle / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 18 August 2017

Henry follows his widely acclaimed Landscape Preludes (2014) with a vibrant account of the Mussorgsky classic, Pictures at an Exhibition, brilliantly paired with new works from New Zealand composer, Eve de Castro-Robinson.

Showing the courage of his convictions, Henry tackles Mussorgsky's difficult work for solo piano in grand style. Rich and resonate, full of verve and passion, the set is beautifully balanced by Eve's suite of miniatures, an inspired choice that makes this recording one of Rattle's 'must-have' new releases.

Inspired by works from the Wallace Art Collection, Eve's pieces offer a contemporary counterpoint to the muscularity and sweep of Mussorgsky's famous classic. The ten-piece suite is titled a zigzagged gaze, and for the booklet Eve offers brief comments about her reaction to each of the works and an accompanying haiku.

She says, "To be let loose among the art collection of the Wallace Arts Trust was a gleeful trawling through riches. I pared back my long list of favourites to arrive at ten works that spoke to me with singular, wildly differing voices."

Recording an album of Pictures at an Exhibition has been one of Henry's long-cherished ambitions.


01 Promenade 1 (1:14)
02 I. The Gnome (2:46)
03 Promenade 2 (0:49)
04 II. The Old Castle (3:53)
05 Promenade 3 (0:31)
06 III. The Tuileries Gardens (1:02)
07 IV. The Ox Cart (Bydlo) (3:23)
08 Promenade 4 (0:49)
09 V. Ballet of the Chicks (1:18)
10 VI. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle (2:14)
11 Promenade 5 (1:17)
12 VII. The Marketplace at Limoges (1:22)
13 VIII. Catacombs (3:44)
14 IX. The Hut on Hen's Legs (Baba-Yagá) (3:12)
15 X. The Great Gate of Kiev (5:40)

Total playing time: 33:15

a zigzagged gaze
Eve de Castro-Robinson, 2016 , 1984

16 The Troubadour (1:37)
17 Diviner and minder (1:27)
18 Tingler (2:49)
19 White Interior #1 (2:46)
20 Trick-or-treater (1:16)
21 Return (4:40)
22 Blue Lady (2:33)
23 The Passion Flower (1:49)
24 x (life, still. Baby) (1:21)
25 Big Pink Shimmering One (1:16)