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Stories From Far Away On Piano cover
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James Heather
Stories From Far Away On Piano
[ Ahead of Our Time / CD - released 18/Aug/2018 ]
Contemporary pianist James Heather presents his debut album - 'Stories From Far Away On Piano', on vinyl for the first time on May 4th 2018 via Ahead Of Our Time - Ninja Tune founders Coldcut's first label. This follows the successful release of the...
Honeycomb (LP) cover
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Honeycomb (LP)
[ Tartelet / LP - released 3/May/2019 ]
The second album from Brooklyn based soul artist, Jitwam.
The Return (LP) cover
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Kamaal Williams
The Return (LP)
[ Black Focus Records / LP - released 8/Jun/2018 ]
Holding the torch for a new generation of jazz musicians, a light that has been passed across the seas by Thundercat and Kamasi Washington, Kamaal Williams debuts his new label Black Focus with his highly anticipated album The Return. Known for his...
The Universe Smiles Upon You cover
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The Universe Smiles Upon You
[ Late Night Tales / CD - released 11/Dec/2015 ]
Khruangbin are a largely instrumental Houston trio that take elements of '60s and '70s Thai funk, soul, psych, R&B, surf, and jazz and pull it all into the same spacious but distinct sonic universe.
Salone cover
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Kondi Band
[ Strut CD / CD - released 23/Jun/2017 ]
Debut album from Kondi Band, the inspired Afro-electronic collaboration between Sierra Leonean kondi (thumb piano) player Sorie Kondi and US producer / DJ Chief Boima, who himself has Sierra Leonean roots. Salone follows the release of 2016's...
Trouble Is A Lonesome Town cover
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Lee Hazlewood
Trouble Is A Lonesome Town
[ Light In The Attic / CD - released 5/Apr/2013 ]
Lee Hazlewood is the famed producer best known for his work with Duane Eddy and Nancy Sinatra (Some Velvet Morning, Summer Wine). Re-mastered from the original tapes, this is the first time Trouble Is a Lonesome Town has been available in its...
Malamore cover
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The Liminanas
[ Because / LP/CD - released 27/May/2016 ]
3-Track Shack cover
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Link Wray
3-Track Shack
[ Ace / 2 CD - released 18/Sep/2016 ]
Three albums Link Wray recorded on his brother's farm in the early 70s. Radically different to his previous releases, the music remains raw and basic, but with vocals and acoustic instruments. Following his instrumental hits 'Rumble' and 'Jack The...
Mirrors cover
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[ Brownswood Recordings CD / CD - released 8/Jul/2016 ]
Mirrors is the second album by endlessly influential South London producer Mala. It follows his 2012 Brownswood release where Gilles Peterson invited the producer to soak up Cuba's music and culture to turn the results into Mala In Cuba. But Mirrors...
Working Class Woman cover
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Marie Davidson
Working Class Woman
[ Ninja Tune / CD - released 12/Oct/2018 ]
Marie Davidson arrives on Ninja Tune with her vital new album Working Class Woman, a vividly important document that expresses both her state of mind and acts as a comment on the night after night, nightclub culture of which her music has...
Kiwanuka cover
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Michael Kiwanuka
[ Universal Music / CD - released 1/Nov/2019 ]
Recorded in New York, LA and London, KIWANUKA reflects his "ear for musical adventure". Given the amount of critical and commercial praise that showered his last record, the last two years have found the singer-songwriter questioning his own ability...
From Night To Night cover
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New Jackson
From Night To Night
[ All City / CD - released 19/May/2017 ]
Given that he makes evocative, imaginative, hard-to-pigeonhole tracks that draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, we've always thought that New Jackson (the recording alias of Dubliner David Kitt) should be making albums. From Night To Night, his...
Space is Only Noise cover
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Nicolas Jaar
Space is Only Noise
[ Circus Company / CD - released 11/Jul/2011 ]
Even those peripherally interested in dance music have probably noted the meteoric rise of Nicolas Jaar. The Chilean-born New Yorker debuted at just 17 with the expansive, cellar dweller house of his debut, the Student EP, in 2008 on New York's...
Closer Apart cover
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Okzharp & Manthe Ribane
Closer Apart
[ Hyperdub / CD - released 6/Jul/2018 ]
Producer Okzharp and vocalist-artist-dancer Manthe Ribane both hail from South Africa, where Manthe still resides, while Okzharp lives in the London where he is a DJ and producer, initially cutting his teeth in LV, who in 2007 were one of the very...
Found Songs cover
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Olafur Arnalds
Found Songs
[ Erased Tapes / CD - released 13/Oct/2009 ]
In April 2009, Iceland's neo-classical export Ólafur Arnalds created the 7-song series 'Found Songs' - recording a song a day for 7 days and instantly making each track available via Twitter. With artwork contributions from fans via Flickr, this...
The Olympians cover
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The Olympians
The Olympians
[ Daptone Records CD / CD - released 9/Dec/2016 ]
After repeatedly being visited by a strange messenger in his dreams while on tour in the islands of Greece, Toby Pazner became consumed with a vision to tell the stories of The Olympians through music. Chosen by the gods as a messenger for not only...
Nyanza cover
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Owiny Sigoma Band
[ Brownswood / CD - released 9/Oct/2015 ]
'Nyanza' is the third album from the cross-cultural, boundary surpassing Owiny Sigoma Band. For their third offering, the band travelled to the Nyanza Province of Western Kenya - home of their two members Joseph Nyamungu and Charles Owoko - to...
Trudi's Songbook Vol 1 cover
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Ruby Rushton
Trudi's Songbook Vol 1
[ 22A / CD - released 26/May/2017 ]
The second studio album from Ruby Rushton, the forward-thinking jazz group led by 22a label owner Tenderlonious. Their 2015 release 'Two For Joy' blew up as one of the year's hottest releases, with 'Trudi's Songbook' set to follow suit. Essential for...
Naturally cover
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Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
[ Daptone Records CD / CD - released 18/May/2009 ]
The second offering from Sharon and the boys, Naturally is a sharp contrast to the gritty debut "Dap-Dippin". With it's soulful vibe and sophisticated arrangement SJDK took their special brand of funk to the next level with this one. Dig on tracks...
Is Last Year's Savage cover
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Shilpa Ray
Is Last Year's Savage
[ Northern Spy Records / CD - released 15/May/2015 ]
With Last Year's Savage (maybe a nod to Leonard Cohen maybe a nod to Barrence Whitfield) Shilpa Ray has taken the pain and dark funk of earlier sounds and made explicit the sublimity that was always there just below the surface. The conversation has...