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Rare Ravers (LP) cover
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The Dead C
Rare Ravers (LP)
[ Ba Da Bing! / LP - released 1/Feb/2019 ]
Disguised as the meandering outpourings of vacant thought and activity dialled simultaneously from zero and ten. Formed in the cauldron of a fevered mistake resolute. Surrounded by ignorance, dis-interest, and the attention of the carefully...
Harry (LP) cover
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Dead Famous People
Harry (LP)
[ Fire Records / LP - released 9/Oct/2020 ]
Dons Savage is an unparalled talent, a savant of the perfect melody and lyrics which both touch and bite, a throwbook to the Carole King's and Gerry Goffin's of Brill Building pop, an instinctive penseuse besting the originators of the Riot Grrrl...
Lucky Guy (LP) cover
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Delaney Davidson
Lucky Guy (LP)
[ Rough Diamond Inc / LP - released 4/Sep/2015 ]
"Lucky Guy" is a compact set of 12 songs recorded in The Lab, Auckland and mixed in New York with Matt Verta Ray (Heavy Trash). Used to the unavoidable sprawl of time and the ramble of his tours, Davidson avoids the technique of collation, curation...
Shining Day (LP) cover
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Delaney Davidson
Shining Day (LP)
[ Rough Diamond / LP - released 20/Apr/2018 ]
Delaney Davidson is a New Zealand Singer Songwriter, Musician, and Visual Artist. Artist Laureate of New Zealand 2015, three times winner of the NZ Country Music Song of the Year Award, awarded NZ Country Music Album Of The Year, finalist for the...
Swim Down Low (LP) cover
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Delaney Davidson
Swim Down Low (LP)
[ Rough Diamond / LP - released 25/Apr/2014 ]
After two successful albums on legendary Voodoo Rhythm, Delaney Davidson is back with his 5th solo album, 10 new amazing gems of gothic folk-noir, with a lo-fi rock sensibility. The title "Swim Down Low" fell out of the mouth of Matt Bordin...
Word Gets Around (LP) cover
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Delaney Davidson & Barry Saunders
Word Gets Around (LP)
[ Rough Diamond / LP - released 26/Apr/2019 ]
Delaney Davidson and Barry Saunders met in a church. They were sound checking for the Churches Tour with Marlon Williams and Tami Neilson. Barry playing old gospel songs and Delaney chugging out his signature blues trance thump. The connection was...
Chop! (LP) cover
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Dick Move
Chop! (LP)
[ 1:12 Records / LP - released 16/Oct/2020 ]
Energised by a strong community fighting for important social change and a need to turn late night political chat into action, Dick Move was formed in the depths of Karangahape Road's Whammy! Bar and has become an essential party punk voice for...
Deforestation (LP & CD) cover
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Dudley Benson
Deforestation (LP & CD)
[ Golden Retriever Records / LP - released 3/Nov/2014 ]
Deforestation - a new album of remixes of songs from my 2010 album Forest: Songs by Hirini Melbourne. Deforestation is not only about giving the Forest waiata a new dreamy life in the hands of contributors from Aotearoa, the US, Germany and Japan,...
Muscles (7" & CD) cover
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Dudley Benson
Muscles (7" & CD)
[ Golden Retriever Records / 7in - released 26/Jun/2015 ]
One of only 75 7" singles that were made, this beautifully packaged clear plastic single features artwork by acclaimed artist Gavin Hurley. As well as the original mix of Benson's non-album track 'Muscles', this release comes with a CD of remixes by...
Shadow Self (LP) cover
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Elan Vital
Shadow Self (LP)
[ Fishrider / LP - released 24/Mar/2017 ]
Élan Vital - comprising Renee Barrance (keyboards, vocals), Danny Brady (synths, drum machines, live mixing, vocals) and Nikolai Sim (bass) - formed in 2015 in Dunedin's None Gallery, an undefined artist- run creative community in a former...
Elemeno P (LP) cover
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Elemeno P
Elemeno P (LP)
[ Universal / LP - released 12/Feb/2021 ]
Now available on vinyl for the very first time! Elemeno P's self-titled third album follows the success of their first two albums & features the hits, Baby Come On and Better Days
Mother of Gloom (LP) cover
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Emily Fairlight
Mother of Gloom (LP)
[ Fishrider Records NZ / LP - released 5/Apr/2019 ]
Although its New Zealand rural Gothic/Texas borderlands feel make "Mother of Gloom" an elusive creature, the prevalence of acoustic guitar and intimate sharing of lived experience point to what Fairlight self-deprecatingly calls "doom-folk".
My Design, On Others' Lives (LP) cover
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My Design, On Others' Lives (LP)
[ Rough Peel Records / LP - released 27/Apr/2018 ]
Breaking conventional barriers is a pivotal element in Estère's two-part, sophomore album 'My Design, On Others' Lives'. She didn't want anyone else to record or produce it, and she didn't want to write songs about love (except to her...
Something Beginning With C (Double LP) cover
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The Exponents
Something Beginning With C (Double LP)
[ Univesal Music NZ / LP - released 13/Nov/2015 ]
To celebrate The Exponents being honoured with the 2015 NZ Herald Legacy Award and their induction into the NZ Music Hall of Fame, Universal Music are proud to announce the first ever vinyl release the group's classic 1992 album Something Beginning...
Lock-In (LP) cover
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Fat Freddy's Drop
Lock-In (LP)
[ The Drop / 2 LP - released 4/Dec/2020 ]
Fat Freddy's Drop present the 'Lock-In' album, a sonic moment in time as the band jam conscious songs of freedom and hope for a generation. The studio session was captured at the iconic Michael Fowler Centre in the band's hometown of Wellington...
One Piece At A Time (LP) cover
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Finn Andrews
One Piece At A Time (LP)
[ Finn Andrews Music / LP - released 15/Mar/2019 ]
Since signing a record deal at the tender age of 16, Finn Andrews and his band The Veils have released 5 albums together, appeared in David Lynch's reboot of Twin Peaks, as well as on soundtracks by luminary film directors Tim Burton and Paolo...
I Told You I Was Freaky (Limited Edition LP + Poster + Guitar Tabs + MP3) cover
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Flight of the Conchords
I Told You I Was Freaky (Limited Edition LP + Poster + Guitar Tabs + MP3)
[ Sub Pop Records / LP - released 19/Oct/2009 ]
While Flight of the Conchords hammered out their reputation from behind the relative safety of acoustic guitars, blithely billed as a "folk comedy" act, nowadays their musical style runs rampant, unchecked. Judging from the range displayed here on I...
Live In London (3LP) cover
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Flight Of The Conchords
Live In London (3LP)
[ Sub Pop / 3 LP - released 8/Mar/2019 ]
In October of 2018, ten years after the launch of their hit HBO series, musical comedians Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement returned to HBO for the all-new comedy special. Live in London was taped before a live audience at the Eventim Apollo and...
String Theory (2LP) cover
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Fly My Pretties
String Theory (2LP)
[ Loop LP / 2 LP - released 18/Aug/2017 ]
String Theory is the sixth album from Fly My Pretties which was recorded at Auckland's Mercury Theatre, and Wellington's Paramount Theatre across nine sold-out shows. Examining who we are and our place in the universe through musical storytelling,...
The Studio Recordings Part 2 (LP) cover
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Fly My Pretties
The Studio Recordings Part 2 (LP)
[ Loop / LP - released 10/Jul/2020 ]
With a 15 year history as a live act Fly My Pretties release their second studio album - The Studio Recordings Part 2. The Studio Recordings Part 2 sees frontman Barnaby Weir and the FMP whānau stepping into the spiritual home of Fly My Pretties -...