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Finklestein (LP) cover
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Hamish Kilgour
Finklestein (LP)
[ Ba Da Bing! / LP - released 6/Jul/2018 ]
The Clean member Hamish Kilgour's second-ever solo album, Finklestein, flips the singer/guitarist/drummer's path taken on All Of It And Nothing. Having previously gone for intimate, minimalistic performances, Finklestein displays a chock-full...
Franklestein (LP) cover
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Hamish Kilgour
Franklestein (LP)
[ Ba Da Bing! / LP - released 26/Apr/2019 ]
The Finklestein Universe expands! Upon releasing Finklestein last year, a theme album about a fictitious kingdom, Hamish Kilgour simultaneously put out Funklestein which saw two side-long tracks that delved deeper into Kilgour's fairy tale...
Funk/Fink R'mxs cover
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Hamish Kilgour
Funk/Fink R'mxs
[ Ba Da Bing! / 10in - released 26/Apr/2019 ]
A companion release to "Franklestein," Hamish Kilgour's ten-inch single is ready to bust onto damaged dance floors around the world! Two tracks originally conceived during the Finklestein sessions get their full due, with vibraphone, wistful...
A And B The C Of D (Limited Edition LP) cover
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Ian Morris
A And B The C Of D (Limited Edition LP)
[ LP - released 6/Nov/2020 ]
The family of New Zealand Music icon Ian Morris announce the posthumous release of a and b the c of d, a solo record completed before his death a decade ago. Best known as a founding member of Th' Dudes and as his solo alter ego Tex Pistol, Morris...
Non Compos Mentis (LP) cover
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i.e Crazy
Non Compos Mentis (LP)
[ Muzai / LP - released 5/May/2017 ]
i.e. crazy (aka Maggie Magee - formerly Claire Duncan of Dear Time's Waste) roves through an unsettling and perverse array of human behaviours with a critical yet empathetic gaze, delving to scrape, sample and haunt the dregs of dirt we'd rather were...
Shot of Gold (LP) cover
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Jackie Bristow
Shot of Gold (LP)
[ Montana / LP - released 5/Feb/2016 ]
At once heartfelt and sophisticated, Jackie Bristow's songs combine subtle but beautiful melodies and hooks that hypnotise the listener, demanding complete surrender then sticking around like the backbone of a real friend. Jackie says, "Shot of...
Midnight Feast (Limited Edition LP) cover
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Jed Parsons
Midnight Feast (Limited Edition LP)
[ LP - released 13/Jul/2018 ]
The release of Jed Parsons' debut album, Midnight Feast, marks the arrival of one of New Zealand's most intriguing new talents and shines a light on Parsons' knack for combining clever lyricism with irresistible melodies and infectious hooks.
Shiver (30th Anniversary Edition Limited Edition White Vinyl) cover
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Jenny Morris
Shiver (30th Anniversary Edition Limited Edition White Vinyl)
[ Warner Music Australia / LP - released 23/Aug/2019 ]
On 24 July 1989, New Zealand singer Jenny Morris released Shiver, the most commercially successful album of her solo career. Featuring singles including 'Saved Me' (a favourite of Prince, who Morris would support on European tour dates in 1990), 'She...
The Primrose Path (LP) cover
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Jonathan Bree
The Primrose Path (LP)
[ Lil Chief Records LP / LP - released 21/Jun/2013 ]
The Primrose Path is Jonathan Bree╩╝s first solo album since a career with the Brunettes that saw the band release 4 albums and 4 eps. Finalist in the Taite Awards / Silver Scroll.
Origin (LP) cover
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Jordan Rakei
Origin (LP)
[ Ninja Tune / LP - released 14/Jun/2019 ]
Soulful, intimate and expansive all at once, Jordan Rakei's third album, Origin cuts straight to the point, in every sense of the word. The melodies are brighter, the sound is bigger and the vision behind it more finely tuned. Switching up from...
Wallflower (2LP) cover
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Jordan Rakei
Wallflower (2LP)
[ Ninja Tune / 2 LP - released 22/Sep/2017 ]
A phenomenal talent, Jordan Rakei is a 25 year old New Zealand born and London based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer whose distinct take on Soul captures a sonic and emotional awareness many artists spend their entire careers...
What We Call Life (LP) cover
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Jordan Rakei
What We Call Life (LP)
[ Ninja Tune / LP - released 24/Sep/2021 ]
New Zealand-born, Australia-raised, and London-based artist Jordan Rakei is back with a new album, What We Call Life. His previous albums on Ninja Tune, Origin and Wallflower, cemented his worldwide reputation as a modern soul icon in the...
We Light Fire (LP) cover
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Julia Deans
We Light Fire (LP)
[ Julia Deans / LP - released 27/Jul/2018 ]
"Whole new audiences have come of age since Julia Deans last put out a record, and for some listeners We Light Fire will be their introduction to her. For others, though, it will be a reminder of her multiple talents, and - when they are all woven...
Two Hearts And No Brain (LP) cover
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Kane Strang
Two Hearts And No Brain (LP)
[ Dead Oceans / LP - released 30/Jun/2017 ]
A winning blend of careful precision and mercurial abandon, Kane Strang's songs are constantly surprising. With a penchant for melodic earworms to rival those of the world's best pop songwriters, this local artist's glittering hooks twist and turn...
Let The Night In (LP) cover
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Kendall Elise
Let The Night In (LP)
[ Creeping Ivy Records / LP - released 27/Aug/2021 ]
Recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios, mastered for Vinyl by KOG Studios, with photography and design by San Francisco based internationally published photographer Kristin Cofer and featuring Finalist for APRA Best Country Music Song 2021 -...
L.A.B. (LP) cover
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L.A.B. (LP)
[ LOOP Recordings / LP - released 24/Nov/2017 ]
The pedigree and musicianship of L.A.B. is undeniable. L.A.B. was founded by the legendary Kora brothers Brad Kora (drums) and Stu Kora (guitar, keys) and quickly engaged the extraordinary talent of Joel Shadbolt on lead vocals & guitar and Ara...
Influencis Et Collabis (LP) cover
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Influencis Et Collabis (LP)
[ Mucho Aroha / LP - released 26/Oct/2018 ]
Influencis et Collabis is a collection of original songs that Brazilian band leader Bobby Brazuka and Venezuelan front woman Jennifer Zea selected to be given the Latinaotearoa treatment, alongside a host of handpicked collaborators. The new album...
Absolute Truth (LP) cover
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Lawrence Arabia
Absolute Truth (LP)
[ Flying Nun / LP - released 8/Jul/2016 ]
That connoisseur of classic songwriting, Lawrence Arabia - the pseudonym of James Milne - is back with his new album - Absolute Truth and a hearty slice of timeless music inspired as much by 1970's West Coast Americana as New Zealand indie...
Lawrence Arabia's Singles Club (LP) cover
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Lawrence Arabia
Lawrence Arabia's Singles Club (LP)
[ Honorary Bedouin Records / LP - released 29/Mar/2019 ]
Launched as a Kickstarter to write, record and release a digital single every month in 2018, Lawrence Arabia's 2018 Singles Club saw more than 368 backers pledge NZ$ 23,710 to help bring the project to life. Talented pals contributed to the project,...
Witness Disco (LP) cover
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L$D Fundraiser
Witness Disco (LP)
[ LP - released 2/Feb/2018 ]
'The artist known as L$D Fundraiser is one of Dunedin's most coherent, sustained and prolific artists. He has a solid, yet still evolving international audience as a noise musician/sound artist, and also an under-acknowledged local role as Dunedin's...