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Someone Will Be There For You (12") cover
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Someone Will Be There For You (12")
[ PBWH / 12in - released 26/Nov/2021 ]
It's difficult to believe that Eddie Johnston is just 23. The songwriter and producer behind Lontalius has already released three EPs and two albums, plus several more EPs and many remixes as his electronic producer alter-ego Race Banyon. His...
Still Bewitched (Double Gatefold LP) cover
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Look Blue Go Purple
Still Bewitched (Double Gatefold LP)
[ Flying Nun LP / 2 LP - released 5/May/2017 ]
Look Blue Go Purple were part of Flying Nun's 'second wave' (along with Doublehappys, Straitjacket Fits and the Abel Tasmans). Formed in 1983, they honed their sound in a Dunedin practice room under a record shop, where they developed a distinctive...
Curiosities (Reissue LP) cover
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Lord Echo
Curiosities (Reissue LP)
[ Soundway / 2 LP - released 13/Sep/2019 ]
Soundway Records completes the Lord Echo album collection, finally reissuing the second album in the trilogy from the in-demand New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and producer. Originally released in 2013, 'Curiosities' is now available as a DJ...
Harmonies (DJ Friendly 2xLP) cover
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Lord Echo
Harmonies (DJ Friendly 2xLP)
[ Soundway / 2 LP - released 30/Jun/2017 ]
"I made this record primarily with DJs in mind. DJs and record nerds. They are generally people who really love music and are often obsessed with various aspects of it. And they still buy records! I respect that. I'm not making music for people for...
Melodies (LP) cover
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Lord Echo
Melodies (LP)
[ Soundway / 2 LP - released 12/May/2017 ]
Soundway reissue of Lord Echo debut LP 'Melodies', which features the amazing version of the Sister Sledge song "Thinking of You". Previously only available in Japan, is essential listening for the recent converts. This debut solo release is a...
The Sweetest Meditation Remixes (12") cover
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Lord Echo
The Sweetest Meditation Remixes (12")
[ Soundway 12" / 12in - released 15/Sep/2017 ]
New 12" that features some fresh takes on 'The Sweetest Meditation' - the second single from Lord Echo's latest hit record 'Harmonies'. Expect inventive slices of disco dub fine-tuned for the eccentric club experience, exploring the instantly...
Melodrama (LP) cover
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Melodrama (LP)
[ Universal Music / LP - released 6/Apr/2018 ]
"Writing Pure Heroine was my way of enshrining our teenage glory, putting it up in lights forever so that part of me never dies, and this record - well, this one is about what comes next. ...The party is about...
Solar Power (Limited Edition Clear Vinyl LP) cover
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Solar Power (Limited Edition Clear Vinyl LP)
[ Universal / LP - released 20/Aug/2021 ]
'Solar Power' is the highly anticipated third album from Lorde. The album includes 12 tracks and is produced by Jack Antonoff who she collaborated with on her chart-topping last album, Melodrama. "The album is a celebration of the natural world,...
Moonlight Madness (Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP) cover
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Moonlight Madness (Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP)
[ LP - released 9/Apr/2021 ]
Moonlight Madness, Tāmaki Makaurau based artist LOU'ANA's debut album, infuses her trademark funk, jazz and soul with a hint of her pacific roots to create "Mystic Soul Music". The eclectic, free-spirited sound of this three times Pacific Music...
Gave It All Away (7") cover
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Louis Baker
Gave It All Away (7")
[ Louis Baker / 7in - released 10/Feb/2017 ]
7" featuring two versions of this latest single: a strikingly raw, acoustic version recorded by Baker, and as an electronic dance track produced by none other than Fat Freddy's Drop legend behind the MPC, Mu. Written alone by the young Wellington...
Open (LP) cover
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Louis Baker
Open (LP)
[ Louis Baker / LP - released 12/Jul/2019 ]
Critically acclaimed New Zealand singer-songwriter Louis Baker releases his debut album Open, featuring his powerful new single The People along with fan favourites Black Crow and Addict. Over the last five years, the world has watched in growing...
Stranger Days (LP) cover
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Mako Road
Stranger Days (LP)
[ Mako Road / LP - released 30/Jul/2021 ]
Mako Road's long-awaited debut album 'Stranger Days' brilliantly captures the band's epic indie-rock grooves and includes previous singles 'Helicopter', 'Surfing on Mars' and new single 'Don't Keep Me Waiting'. It was recorded in the renowned &...
Infinite Youth (Limited Edition Blue Viny LP) cover
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Infinite Youth (Limited Edition Blue Viny LP)
[ LP - released 9/Apr/2021 ]
On his new album Infinite Youth, Merk examines the blurry line between adolescence and adulthood, and all the clarity and mess that accompanies that blurring. This is a record that thrives on a certain simplicity of lyric, melody and rhythm, and is...
Look Me In The Eye (LP) cover
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Look Me In The Eye (LP)
[ Flying Nun / LP - released 6/Sep/2019 ]
Look Me In The Eye sees Mermaidens scale new territory, fearlessly pushing sonic boundaries and producing a body of work as severe and progressive as it is vibrant and exhilarating. At the heart of the record lies the thematic exploration of female...
Perfect Body (LP) cover
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Perfect Body (LP)
[ Flying Nun / LP - released 4/Aug/2017 ]
Mermaidens are a three-piece outfit from Wellington, New Zealand, who are renowned for their intricate and unique songwriting and boldly raw but increasingly refined studio production. Mermaidens' sound offers a mesmerising dip into the realms of...
Graffiti Crimes (LP) cover
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Graffiti Crimes (LP)
[ Sony LP / LP - released 18/Aug/2017 ]
New wave rock band Mi-Sex were a well-known act in the NZ music scene from 1977 to 1986. Led by Steve Gilpin as vocalist, Kevin Stanton as guitarist and songwriter and Don Martin as bassist. They provided top ten singles, "Computer Games" in...
Space Race (LP) (Record Store Day 2018) cover
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Space Race (LP) (Record Store Day 2018)
[ Sony Music / LP - released 21/Apr/2018 ]
Mi-Sex formed in 1978 in New Zealand with members Steve Gilpin (vocals), Don Martin (bass), Kevin Stanton (guitar), Murray Burns (Keyboards) and Richard Hodgkinson (drums). They located themselves to Sydney and soon found themselves one of the...
Bad Luck Party (LP) cover
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Miss June
Bad Luck Party (LP)
[ Frenchkiss Records / LP - released 6/Sep/2019 ]
Raised in the embers of punk rock and described as "some unholy union between Sonic Youth and Le Tigre," the Auckland four piece harness jagged, noisy guitars filtered through the unrivalled stage presence of front-person Annabel Liddel, guitarist...
Lemon Law (LP) cover
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Lemon Law (LP)
[ Winegum Records / LP - released 15/Apr/2022 ]
Mousey's 2019 debut full-length album. Lemon Law includes 'Extreme Highs', 'Take Me To Harley Street', 'If You Really Loved Me', 'A Lifelong Pursuit' and 'With No You'. "There are so many different aspects sonically to this album," says Mousey....
My Friends (LP) cover
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My Friends (LP)
[ Winegum Records / LP - released 11/Mar/2022 ]
"Why isn't this Christchurch indie-pop artist huge already? Sarena Close is clearly a solid songwriter with range, depth, and a great voice to boot." - RNZ My Friends is the follow-up to 2019's Silver Scroll nominated debut album Lemon Law....