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In a Quiet Storm cover
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Pacific Heights
In a Quiet Storm
[ Truetone Music New Zealand / CD - released 18/Aug/2008 ]
This exquisite album fuses nu soul and hip hop in a way no-one else in NZ does! Featuring Joe Dukie (Fat Freddy's Drop), PDigsss (Shapeshifter), Ladi 6 and Lisa Tomlins (Rhombus), and many other talented guests.
Rude Mechanicals cover
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Pitch Black
Rude Mechanicals
[ Remote Control Records New Zealand / CD - released 7/Aug/2007 ]
The 4th album from NZ electronica pioneers and dub n' bass terrorists, Pitch Black contains their usual mash-up of styles from 0 to 170bpm, with bottom end to test even the hardiest of speakers; bits you never knew were there before; and general...
Nobody's Out There cover
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The Upbeats
Nobody's Out There
[ Non Vogue Music New Zealand / CD - released 14/Sep/2009 ]
This Kiwi duo have crafted a sound that is both inventive & diverse, ranging between frenetic + energetic liquid funk, intensely moody and claustrophobic drum & bass, as well as soulful indulgences of elevation.
Burial cover
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[ Hyperdub Records / CD - released 5/Dec/2006 ]
On this self-titled CD debut, Burial carves out a sound which sends the dormant slinky syncopations of UK garage, via radio interference, into a padded cell of cushioned, muffled bass, passing through the best of Pole’s Berlin crackle dub.
Memories of the Future cover
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Kode9 + The SpaceApe
Memories of the Future
[ Hyperdub Records / CD - released 5/Dec/2006 ]
After the widely acclaimed Burial debut album, Hyperdub throw out another tangential long player, a mutant satellite to the grime / dubstep scenes, this time from label boss Kode9 and resident vocalist Spaceape.
Remarkable Engines cover
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Remarkable Engines
[ Loop Recordings / 2 CD - released 8/Nov/2005 ]
Jeramiah Ross's first solo album was a revelation right up in our mainframes. Guests include Paul McLaney (Gramsci); Tom Firth (Rhombus); Rhian Sheehan; and Jessica Chambers.
Endangered Species cover
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Black Sun Empire
Endangered Species
[ Universal Music / 2 CD - released 15/Nov/2007 ]
Black Sun Empire are from Holland and represent the finest in dark + techy dancefloor drum & bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they've continued to develop their own unique style, as evident here on 'Endangered Species'.