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Richter: From Sleep cover
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Richter: From Sleep
Max Richter (piano, organ, synthesizers, electronics)
[ Deutsche Grammophon / CD - released 18/Sep/2015 ]
"Sleep is functional music, furniture music, a soundtrack for relaxing and sleeping, and as such it's successful. It's not "classical" music, and shouldn't be judged as such. It does what it claims, and it's enjoyable." (Musicweb)
Inspiration cover
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Sheku Kanneh-Mason (cello) / City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla
[ Decca Records / CD - released 1/Jun/2018 ]
"A most rewarding CD then, sure evidence that we should henceforth be on the lookout for any performances, recorded or live, that involve Sheku Kanneh-Mason." - Gramophone
Richter: The Blue Notebooks cover
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2-6 weeks
Richter: The Blue Notebooks
Max Richter (piano), with Louisa Fuller, Natalia Bonner (violins), Chris Worsey, Philip Sheppard (cellos), John Metcalfe (viola) with Tilda Swinton
[ Deutsche Grammophon / 2 CD - released 8/Jun/2018 ]
A 15th anniversary reissue of Max Richter's masterpiece The Blue Notebooks. Released in 2004, the album was written and recorded in 2003 in response to the US invasion of Iraq. It's become one of the most iconic pieces of classical and protest music...