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Riley: Sun Rings cover
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Riley: Sun Rings
Kronos Quartet
[ Nonesuch / Warner / CD - released 30/Aug/2019 ]
Kronos Quartet's groundbreaking 2002 collaboration with composer Terry Riley, Sun Rings, is available in full for the first time. Riley incorporates into his composition "space sounds" (plasma waves) that NASA had collected from the Voyager probes,...
Bach To The Future cover
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Bach To The Future
Olivier Latry (organ)
[ La Dolce Volta / CD - released 22/Mar/2019 ]
For his first CD with La Dolce Volta, Olivier Latry has chosen a programme devoted to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. This recording, made on the massive Cavaillé-Coll organ of Notre-Dame de Paris, of which he is titular organist, raises a...
Ladilikan cover
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Trio-Da Kali and Kronos Quartet
[ BMG / ADA / CD - released 15/Sep/2017 ]
You take a trio of the finest traditional griot musicians from Mali and put them in the studio with a renowned and revolutionary Western string quartet - and the resulting album is one of the most richly rewarding musical collaborations you are...
Arvo Part cover
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Arvo Part
Viktoria Mullova (violin) / Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Jarvi
[ Onyx / CD - released 21/Sep/2018 ]
"Immutable, austere, impassable - the strength of Arvo Pärt's music lies in its ability to project an image as powerful and complete as the religious iconography it often seeks to replicate." Gramophone