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The Onus of Sand cover
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Little Bushman
The Onus of Sand
[ Little Bushman Music New Zealand / CD - released 28/Nov/2006 ]
This NZ group - led by local hero, Warren Maxwell (previously of Fat Freddy's Drop & Trinity Roots) - use influences from the experimental, psychedelic rock era of the 60s and 70s: Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and others, to create a journey...
Happy Ending cover
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The Phoenix Foundation
Happy Ending
[ Flying Nun Records New Zealand / CD - released 8/Oct/2007 ]
Following their acclaimed, gold-selling second album 'Pegasus', Wellington 6-piece indie rockers Phoenix Foundation are very pleased to present their third studio album 'Happy Ending'.
Rude Mechanicals cover
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Pitch Black
Rude Mechanicals
[ Remote Control Records New Zealand / CD - released 7/Aug/2007 ]
The 4th album from NZ electronica pioneers and dub n' bass terrorists, Pitch Black contains their usual mash-up of styles from 0 to 170bpm, with bottom end to test even the hardiest of speakers; bits you never knew were there before; and general...
Slow Train Coming (Remastered) cover
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2-6 weeks
Bob Dylan
Slow Train Coming (Remastered)
[ Sony Music / CD - released 1/Jun/2004 ]
Originally released in 1979, this is the superior, digitally re-mastered re-issue of 'Slow Train Coming' - available on import from America.
You've Got To Hear The Music cover
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2-6 weeks
You've Got To Hear The Music
[ Warner Music New Zealand / CD - released 8/Mar/2004 ]
The second album from Shayne Carter, with guest producer SJD. Winner of NZ Music Awards in 'Best Group' and 'Best Rock' album catagories.
Because of the Times cover
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2-6 weeks
Kings of Leon
Because of the Times
[ RCA Records / CD - released 30/Mar/2007 ]
This is the third album from the rockin' American quartet. Consisting of three brothers and a cousin, the Kings of Leon mix their own brand of Southern Rock with touches of Garage, Punk and Alternative swagger - cool!
Only by the Night cover
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2-6 weeks
Kings of Leon
Only by the Night
[ RCA Records / CD - released 22/Sep/2008 ]
The fourth album from the Followill brothers finds them re-connecting with their Southern roots. 'Only by the Night' is a bold, expansive sonic statement that solidifies Kings of Leon's position as one of the most important international acts around.
Dayglo Spectres cover
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2-6 weeks
Dayglo Spectres
[ Round Trip Mars CD / CD - released 9/Oct/2008 ]
Flipping the script Sean Donnelly linked up with long time guitarist (and so much more) James Duncan, to create this unabashedly mirror-ball lit, synth straddling mercurial monster of a fifth album. After this darkadelic adventure into the upper...
Is This It cover
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2-6 weeks
The Strokes
Is This It
[ RCA Records / CD - released 30/Aug/2001 ]
The debut album from The Strokes has been named the "Best Album of the Decade" by NME. "A document of a group seizing a moment and making it entirely their own... one of the best and most characterful debut albums of the last 20 years."
Dear Science cover
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2-6 weeks
TV on the Radio
Dear Science
[ 4AD Records / CD - released 22/Sep/2008 ]
Produced by one the band's multi-instrumentalists, Dave Sitek, 'Dear Science' builds on previous material, honing heavy percussions; epic guitar noise; and new wave synths into a truly mesmerising listen.