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Magic cover
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Bruce Springsteen
[ Columbia Records / CD - released 29/Jan/2008 ]
'Magic' is Springsteen's new studio recording in 2007 and his first with the E Street Band in 5 years. Produced and mixed by Brendan O'Brien, the album features 12 songs, including a bonus track.
Ninety Mile Days cover
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Hammond Gamble
Ninety Mile Days
[ Liberation Music / CD - released 24/Jul/2008 ]
Legendary NZ bluesman and songwriter Hammond Gamble has delivered the best album of his career! 'Ninety Mile Days' is a collection of all-new originals covering the electrifying gamut of Gamble's styles
Horsepower cover
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The Phoenix Foundation
[ Capital Recordings / CD - released 11/Apr/2013 ]
The debut long player from Wellington six-piece The Phoenix Foundation, 'Horse Power' is a sophisticated album with a well-developed sound, defying categorisation but with a unifying thread of gentle melancholy. It's a sort of eclectic blend...
Pegasus cover
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The Phoenix Foundation
[ Mushroom Records New Zealand / CD - released 3/May/2005 ]
The sophomore album from this six-piece Wellington band, 'Pegasus' is already garnering high acclaim! "Nothing short of brilliant." - Pulp
The Trumpet Child cover
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Over The Rhine
The Trumpet Child
[ Great Speckled Dog Records / CD - released 21/Aug/2007 ]
Over the Rhine return with their tenth studio album and career-best 'The Trumpet Child'. A collaboration with ultra-talented Nashville producer / arranger Brad Jonesthe recording celebrates American music in the most richly imaginative ways.
Separation City (Original Soundtrack) cover
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Sam Scott & Luke Buda
Separation City (Original Soundtrack)
[ Arch Hill Records / CD - released 3/Aug/2009 ]
Samuel Scott & Luke Buda are both known for their band the Phoenix Foundation, 2 solo albums each and - with the Phoenix Foundation - the soundtrack for the movie 'Eagle vs Shark'.
Bannerman cover
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2-6 weeks
[ Bannerman Music New Zealand / CD - released 5/May/2008 ]
Bannerman is the bastard son of Richard Setford, whose previous love child was the soul funk band, One Million Dollars. His basement bedroom recordings deformed into this strictly lo-fi 7 track debut.
The Flying Club Cup cover
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2-6 weeks
The Flying Club Cup
[ 4AD Records / CD - released 8/Oct/2007 ]
Caught between the soaring spectacle of the instrumentation and the beautiful intimacy of the songs on 'The Flying Club Cup', there is a love letter - a heady missive to the joie de vivre that lights up our existence.
The Cancer EP cover
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2-6 weeks
The Cancer EP
[ Paydirt Music New Zealand / CD - released 9/Jun/2008 ]
Tom Watson and Craig Terris are ably assisted on 'The Cancer EP' by Andrew Bain (Fur Patrol), David Fraser and Luke Buda (Phoenix Foundation), with the EP recorded with Constantine Karlis (HDU) and Jesse Booher (Looma).
Flying Teapot cover
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2-6 weeks
Flying Teapot
[ Snapper Records / CD - released 11/Sep/2007 ]
This classic 1973 avant garde album features jazzy improvisations, sound effects, and comic vocals!
The Walls of the Well cover
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2-6 weeks
Rebel Peasant
The Walls of the Well
[ Splendid Pheasant Music New Zealand / CD - released 10/Aug/2009 ]
The first solo album by Phoenix Foundation drummer, Richie Singleton takes listeners on a journey into "Experimental Other Dub" as Singleton flexes his musical and production skills.
Raising Sand cover
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2-6 weeks
Robert Plant / Alison Krauss
Raising Sand
[ Decca Records / CD - released 25/Oct/2007 ]
Two of the most distinctive vocalists in modern music, present their astonishing new collaborative album. The pair create an amazing, unexpected, and entirely new sound when they sing together.
The Orchid Door cover
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2-6 weeks
Selon Recliner
The Orchid Door
[ Isaac Promotions New Zealand / CD - released 19/Mar/2009 ]
Building on the low-lit interior sounds of their critically acclaimed 2006 debut 'Rest Room', SR present their second album, which has a dark, hypnotic beauty that breezes along on mellow atmospheric guitars, poignant keys and gentle beats.
Songs From a Dictaphone cover
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2-6 weeks
Songs From a Dictaphone
[ Round Trip Mars CD / CD - released 18/Jul/2007 ]
Where SJD's previous long player, 'Southern Lights', was all micro-tones and dark shades, there is a more colourful side to SJD's oeuvre on display here, with danceable delicacies and generous synthesizer washes, complementing the much loved moody...