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IV (LP) cover
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[ Innovative Leisure / LP - released 15/Jul/2016 ]
BADBADBADNOTGOOD is the talented young quartet of Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass, Alex Sowinski on drums & Leland Whitty on saxophone. They formed and became inseparable friends at Humber College's Music Performance program in...
Phantom Brickworks cover
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Phantom Brickworks
[ Warp / CD - released 24/Nov/2017 ]
Phantom Brickworks (2LP) cover
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Phantom Brickworks (2LP)
[ Warp / LP - released 24/Nov/2017 ]
Small Town (2LP) cover
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Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan
Small Town (2LP)
[ ECM / 2 LP - released 8/Sep/2017 ]
Small Town presents guitarist Bill Frisell and bassist Thomas Morgan in a program of duets, the poetic chemistry of their playing captured live at New York's hallowed Village Vanguard. Frisell made his debut as a leader for ECM in 1983 with the...
The Ship cover
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Brian Eno
The Ship
[ Warp Records / CD - released 29/Apr/2016 ]
"Humankind seems to teeter between hubris and paranoia: the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we're permanently and increasingly under threat. At the zenith we realise we have to come down again... we know that we have...
Haha Sound (LP) cover
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Haha Sound (LP)
[ Warp Records / LP - released 5/Mar/2017 ]
Returning from the depths of their Birmingham studio 3 years after the impressive and critically acclaimed debut "The Noise Made by People", Broadcast continue to carve their own brand of eclectic electro eloquence with major crossover...
Tender Buttons (LP) cover
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Tender Buttons (LP)
[ Warp Records / LP ]
Broadcast's recent records have often seemed too cluttered with effects and affectation - perhaps unsurprising, given their love of library music and other esoterica. On Tender Buttons, though, the band, now slimmed to a duo of singer Trish Keenan...
The Noise Made By People (LP) cover
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The Noise Made By People (LP)
[ Warp Records / LP - released 9/Mar/2015 ]
A look at the music history book tells us a lot of things. One of these is that nearly everything from the past eventually comes back, and with a vengeance. While this undeniable truth is responsible for a lot of distinctly horrible things (house...
Concrete Desert (LP) cover
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The Bug vs Earth
Concrete Desert (LP)
[ Ninja Tune / LP - released 19/May/2017 ]
This collaboration pairs UK producer The Bug with Dylan Carlson of pioneering Drone Metal band Earth. The Bug (Kevin Martin) and Earth have each spent over 20 years exploring sound worlds that - taken at face value - may seem incompatible. Martin...
The New King cover
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Carnivorous Plant Society
The New King
[ CD - released 16/Mar/2018 ]
It was in a dystopian world (with a working title of Dismal Imaginary Place deemed too depressing) that Carnivorous Plant Society's sophomore album The New King was born, simultaneously aspirational and pragmatically nihilistic. With fables penned by...
Hormone Lemonade cover
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Cavern Of Anti-Matter
Hormone Lemonade
[ Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks / CD - released 23/Mar/2018 ]
Cavern Of Anti-Matter return for their third studio album on their own Duophonic label. Hormone Lemonade sees the band heavily utilising the sounds of modular synths and home built drum machines, yet still keeping the loose, improvised sound familiar...
Awaken My Love cover
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Childish Gambino
Awaken My Love
[ Liberation / CD - released 2/Dec/2016 ]
Childish Gambino is the alter-ego of Donald Glover, a writer, actor, director, producer and comic. Childish Gambino launched "Awaken, My Love!" in September, with 'Pharos' shows which delivered fans music in a high-sensory audio and visual...
Chris cover
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Christine and the Queens
[ Caroline / 2 CD - released 28/Sep/2018 ]
Christine and the Queens, the synth-pop project of French musician Héloïse Letissier, is back with a new album.
Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins (LP) cover
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Chuck Prophet
Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins (LP)
[ Yep Roc LP / LP - released 10/Feb/2017 ]
Chuck Prophet describes his new album "Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins" as California Noir. "The state has always represented the Golden Dream, and it"s the tension between romance and reality that lurks underneath the surface in all noir films and...
The Last Panthers cover
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The Last Panthers
[ Warp / CD - released 1/Apr/2016 ]
'The Last Panthers' features music from and inspired by Clark's mesmerising score for the Sky Atlantic crime thriller of the same name. The six part series, co-produced by Warp Films (Southcliffe, '71, Four Lions, This Is England) and Haut et Court...
The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (LP) cover
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Alice Coltrane
The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (LP)
[ Luaka Bop / 2 LP - released 5/May/2017 ]
Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda's devotion to spirituality was the central purpose of the final four decades of her life, an often-overlooked awakening that largely took shape during her four year marriage to John Coltrane and after his 1967 death....
Caramel (LP) cover
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Connan Mockasin
Caramel (LP)
[ Because / LP - released 22/Nov/2013 ]
Recorded in a hotel room in Tokyo, Connan Mockasin's sophomore effort is an attempt to make a record worthy of the title, Caramel. In the wrong hands this might sound like an unforgivably pretentious endeavour but in the nimble hands of Te Awanga's...
All That Reckoning cover
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Cowboy Junkies
All That Reckoning
[ Proper / CD - released 13/Jul/2018 ]
With Cowboy Junkies' new album, All That Reckoning, the band once again gently shakes the listener to wake up. Whether commenting on the fragile state of the world or on personal relationships, this new collection of songs encourages the listener to...
Soul Power cover
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Curtis Harding
Soul Power
[ Burger / CD - released 9/May/2014 ]
At a time when hipsters have discovered retro-soul and make records that capture all the sounds and practically none of the feeling of vintage R&B, Curtis Harding is a breath of fresh air: an artist with a real gift for classic soul music stylings...
Jungle Blues cover
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CW Stoneking
Jungle Blues
[ King Hokum / CD - released 30/Aug/2010 ]
"....One afternoon, back in Port of Spain, Trinidad, I met four scientists in a bar, they were on their way to West Africa to study a type of parasitic worm which attacks the eyeballs of human beings and turns them into blind men. At the time I was...